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Unsure What Remap Is For You?

If you are unsure about which mobile remap is the best choice for you then we are hoping we can help you out.

If after reading this page your still unsure then don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Or if you already know what mobile remap you want but are more interested in the gains then just scroll down to the bottom of this page to use our handy information table.

Image by Dima Panyukov

Performance Remapping

If your soley looking for a power and torque upgrade for your car then a performance remap is for you.

Our mobile remapping service Swadlincote can come to you and offer you a performance remap that can be added to your cars ecu within an hour or two.

This will yield an impressive upgrade on power and torque resulting in greater throttle response smoother acceleration and higher top end speed this power remap will be felt instantly.

For details on how this can improve your car use our chart below that will provide accurate details.

We are able to offer stage 1 remaps to any car, van or motorbike without any additional work being required.

We also offer stage 2 remaps that will require minimal engine and exhaust modifications but will yield even more power.


And also stage 3 remaps that will require extensive engine work prior to the map being installed

Image by Gab Pili

If your more interested in saving money and would be happy with a slight power increase at the sametime then our economy map would be an ideal choice for you.


This type of mobile remap is sometimes referred to a 50/50 map of economy map depending on who you speak too but the end results are the same.

The beauty of this type of mobile remap is that you can save upto 35% on your fuel bill whilst enjoying an increase in power (BHP) and torque yes that's right save money whilst increasing power and torque.

This is by far our most popular option in todays current climate with ever increasing cost and fuel prices at an all time high more people than ever are turning to us for a economy remap thats done at your own convenience either at work or home or even whilst you do the weekly shop.

Economy Remap

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