Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service is a legal contract between you the customer and LBM Mobile Mechanics defining the agreement of you using our service upon you booking any of our services we will understand that you have read, understood and agree to these TOS set out in this page.

Welcome to LBM Mobile Mechanics and thanks for visiting. By booking our service you are agreeing to these terms and are happy with the information written on this page.


All of our work is covered by a 12 month warranty or more if stated on your invoice.

This warranty covers defective parts and workmanship.

It does not cover neglect or other unrelated faults on your car that are new or unrelated to our work.

You as a driver have a responsibility to maintain your car and be proactive in ensuring any issues are promptly delt with before further issues arise.

In the case of a warranty claim you are to contact us via email or text explaining your  issues so that we can look to resolve your fault as quickly as possible.

If you have taken your car to another repairer to investigate your fault with our work then this can result in your warranty claim being rejected you are to present the car to us in the first instance so that we can assess and rectify the issues for you.

The car must be made available at the original point of repair for us to assess and rectify your issues if this is not possible then we are within our rights to refuse or charge accordingly for any additional travel.

In some cases there will be the need for the faulty parts to be sent away to the manufacturer for testing and assessment in these instances we may ask you for full or partial payment whilst these test are undertaken if you need the vehicle on the road for use if your happy to wait then no additional charge will be made at this point.

Should the manufacturer agree the parts are faulty you will be issued a refund or we will repair your car with no additional cost depending on how you initially chose to proceed with the warranty claim. 

Should the manufacturer disagree then unfortunately this decision is final and outside of our control we will be happy for you to have access to the relevant reports or correspondence we receive but we will be unable to help you financially or further with your claim you will be within your rights to pursue further claims with the manufacturer directly.

In any case of your car being off the road due to faulty parts you personally will be responsible for any additional cost this may incur for example but not limited to; recovery fees, taxis or car hire we will not be offering any assistance or covering any of this cost this is your responsibility as a car owner.

If your car is off the road and additional cost are occurred due to our workmanship then we will assist with any reasonable expenses incurred by you.


Any modifications made to your cars software is covered by our warranty.

We offer software adjustments to either enhance your performance of your vehicle (performance map) or for it to offer better fuel economy otherwise known as an economy map this type of tuning can offer upto 25% better fuel efficiency.

We also offer many other types of performance modifications related to your vehicles emissions system and more thes types of modifications are intended for vehicles not being driven on the public road if you drive the car on a public road we understand that you are aware that this is in violation of the road rules and that we have notified you at the time of booking along with us understanding you have read these Terms of service.

The types of software upgrades that are intended for off road use are items/modifications like DPF DELETE,EGR DELETE SCR DELETES along with others if you are unsure then please ask before proceeding with your booking or do your own relevant research from official sources that can be found online ideally government websites.


We prefer all communications to be done in writing this ensures that there are no miss understandings by either party.

We also collect your personal details like name address and email address for marketing reasons these details will never be sold or passed on to anyone else apart from us and our marketing services.

Should you wish to opt out then please email us @ and we will ensure your details are removed from our marketing database.