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welcome to this page on the explanation of slam-locks/slam-lock.

As your here your either looking to get these fitted to your van are wondering either what they are or if you should get these fitted to your van.

Well hopefully after reading this page you will be able to make an informed decision on if these slam-locks are right for you.


Slam-locks or dead locks?

This is the question that most people want answering before deciding on what type of lock to get fitted.

My personal answer is not every van owners requirements are the same..

It really is down to several factors how often you are opening and closing your doors?

What type of work your van is being used for?

Where the van is being used?

Are slam-locks/slam-lock right for me?

Ok so lets imagine your a tradesman who is most likely going to make a small number of stops each day.

You would most likely unload either all most/some of your kit secure your van and get to work.

In this scenario id be recommending either Dead-locks or my personal favourite hook locks.

As you could arrive at your job unload your tools required and secure Your van.

Knowing that it was locked and secure the best it can be whilst you earn your days money.

In a job lets say like multi drop delivery or currier work where you are in and out of your van many times a day.

with parcels and often working to tight schedules then a slam lock set up would be ideal.

You would simply open your load door with you high security key..

Grab your delivery shut the door and head to your drop knowing your door was secure..

Without having to spend another few seconds locking the Dead-lock/Hook-lock.

A few seconds may not sound a lot but we all know over a day this soon adds up and throws you off your stride potentially missing targets.



We would advise having slam-locks/slam-lock device fitted to your load area of the van at a minimum if you are in a fast paced delivery job.

We would also recommend having anti drill plates/arma plates or similar fitting alongside to secure your van even more.

If you are going to be keeping valuable items in your van over night..

Or just want to secure your van over night..

Then we would also advise having either dead-locks or hook-locks fitted to your van also.

For any information or to book your van in please feel free to contact us on either 07504697399 or via email@ lbmmobile85@gmail.com

Remember we can offer you a payment plan.

Helping spread the cost of your van security installation so that you don’t need to delay this vital upgrade.