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So what’s the difference? I hear you say! Rep-handle/slam-handle/slam-plates.

Which one do i need which one is best? Truth is they all are equally as good..

Well hopefully after reading this page you will have a much better idea!

So lets begin in the description of each one of these locks and what is your best choice for your van.




Rep-handle is a direct replacement for your factory fitted handles where slam locks have already been fitted.

They come in  a stainless steel finish and securely mount to the door where your old existing plastic handle is.

Not only does this enhance the vehicles appearance (in my opinion) but also greatly increases the security by removing one of the weak points of entry used by criminals.


Slam handle

A slam handle is a direct replacement for your vehicles plastic handle.

It is made of metal with a slam lock incorporated into it making your van instantly lock when the door is closed.

It also enables one handed entry when using the high security key that is supplied.

The lock it self is a anti drill anti pick lock barrel incorporated inside a metal handle case making your van even more secure.

These can be incorporated with your vehicles central locking.

These are available for the rear barn doors and side load door.


Slam plates

Slam plates are very similar to slam handles they are designed to replace the vehicles handle plates.

These are van specific and are a direct replacement for the vehicles plastic handles/locks.

It replaces the plastic handle assembly with a steel one with a high security anti drill anti pick lock incorporated to provide a added level of security.

The van door instantly locks upon being closed and is easily opened using the security key provided with the kit.


As always all of the above products are enhanced further by coupling with some of our other security upgrades that we offer.


We can offer payment plans to help spread the cost of your van security upgrades.


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