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What Our Previous Customers Say

"Having already had a poor remap done by someone else where the car just didn't perform well or feel good at all i wasn't confident that another remap would be the answer... how wrong was i stage 1 done booked for stage 2 next month this remapping company do exactly what they say they will and it was all done whilst i was at work"

"Just amazing had an annoying flat spot on my car that just killed the boost after speaking with kev and being advised that  a custom remap would cure this and yield better performance all round i booked in and i can say i am not disappointed i did car no longer lags and the overall speed of the car is fantastic"

"Perfect just perfect had my car tuned by these guys great service great results would recommend to anyone"

"Couldn't be happier stage 1 remap done extra 35hp within the hour DPF and EGR delete complete no more headaches or expensive repairs and loads more power car feels awsome"

"Excellent service Booked monday arrived wednesday morning by lunchtime my car was a different animal stage 1 remap done cant wait to book stage 2 when my mods have been completed"

Having A Performance Remap Done Also Means;

  • No Flat Spots

  • Instant Power

  • Better throttle response

  • Smoother drive

  • Increased BHP

  • Greater Torque 

Plus many many more benefits

We Can Also Include

  • Speed Limiter Removal

  • Rev limiter removal

  • Pops and bangs

  • EGR removal

  • DPF removal

  • AD Blue removal

  • SCR Removal

  • Fault code removal

  • Stage 1,2 +3 Remaps