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Van Security upgrades

Van security lock upgrades.

Looking for van security lock upgrades?

Well look no further!! Book today!

We offer van security lock Installation at a time and place the suits you.

We understand your Van is also your office, workplace, transport and tool storage so it is imperative it is not off the road longer than required.

Your van like ours is your livelihood and without its contents you wouldn’t be able to work it is vital that it is protected the best it can be from unwanted visitors.

That’s why we chose to offer van security installation at a time and place that suits you.

Van security installation
Newly installed van security installation dead lock
Van security installation hook-lock
Van security installation hook-lock type.

Van security options that we offer.

We offer a vast range of security options to help protect your livelihood.

For further information on the van security installation products we offer.

Just click on them in the above list to open a new page that will explain each product to you in more detail.

Protecting your livelihood from those light fingered visitors that see your tools as their next fix should be of upmost importance to you as an individual or business owner.

Statistics show that a van is broken into on average every 30 seconds in the UK don’t let yours be one of these.




Don’t worry though we are here to help in the fight against… VAN CRIME!!

  • A crime that effects hard working Individuals and businesses alike… Leaving us unable to work..!!


  • People like YOU and ME who work hard for a living get up each morning go out and earn our right to have nice things…!!

Unlike those who help themselves to our belongings…!! 

  • Get up so we can provide for our FAMILY, Not so that some lowlife can get their next fix!!


  • Unlike the scum who attack our vehicles..! WE work hard for what we have!!


Lets fight back together and secure our livelihoods and our families incomes!!

With a vast array of different products available from ourselves.

We can ensure that your van will become less attractive to criminals wanting an easy target.

They will see the highly effective locks and security items fitted.

And as a result move on to a more easy target.

You will be glad that you chose to do this vital upgrade.

You will rest more easily at night knowing you have done all you can to protect your income.

With a full 12 month parts and labour warranty and as we are insured against workmanship defects.

There really is no reason not to book us for your security upgrade today.

We are also able to help you further by offering you a payment plan to spread the cost of your Van security lock installation should this be required.


To book our service or discuss your options, advice or prices please feel free to contact us on 07504697399 or via email  @ lbmmobile85@gmail.com.