Van Deadlock fitting

Van Deadlock fitting


Looking for van Deadlock fitting?

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Maybe your wondering what the benefits are of having them fitted to your van?

You could be possibly wondering what they even are?

Well after reading this page all your questions will be answered!

In short Deadlocks are a high deterrent security addition to your vans factory fitted locks.

They not only add an extra layer of security but also deter would be thieves to move onto a easier target.

These High security Anti drill anti pick locks can be fitted to most vans.


Why choose Van Deadlock fitting?


The van Deadlock is preferred by many people as an additional security upgrade to protect their belongings.

We also believe the look of your van/business is enhanced with having these types of locks fitted.

These highly versatile locks can be fitted to load areas as well as cab areas.

We personally would advise Hook-locks to be fitted to load areas.

Although Deadlocks are very secure especially the long throw bolts we feel hook-locks just add a bit more protection.

Having any additional security measures fitted by ourselves will be off benefit to deter thieves. 

If choosing Deadlocks for your van we would also advise pairing with one or more of our other security additions like ant drill plates as an extra deterrent.

The majority of our customers give us great feedback on our Deadlocks coupled with additional security deterrents and are happy they chose to have them fitted.

Why not look through our other security items to see what else will benefit your van.

Having these Deadlocks fitted will be effective in many ways.

Your van will be less attractive to thieves.

You will sleep more easily at night.

Expensive kit or belongings will be more secure.

Thieves will most likely look for a much easier target.


Where we can help does not stop with the added security we can fit.

We also offer Payment plans to help you spread the cost of having your van security upgrade fitted today.

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