Rep lock fitting

Rep-lock fitting


Looking for rep lock fitting?

So you most likely either already know or are wondering what a Rep-lock/Hykee-lock is!!

Or more importantly why you should consider having them fitted to your ford van.

Well let us explain most commercial vehicles on the road have weak points.

Weak points in security that are exploited by thieves wanting easy access to your belongings!

Ford vans are renowned for being easy to access by criminals looking to steal your belongings.

I’ve personally seen evidence of this and also watched Videos on line that shows how this is done.

Not only very easily but in a matter of seconds without any real effort or noise being made to alert the owners.


How is entry gained?


One of the ways they gain access to your vehicle is by attacking the drivers door lock.

This is arguably the most common way of thieves gaining entry to ford vans. 

With only a screwdriver/pick and a pair of grips that forces the barrel and opens all the doors.

The standard door lock can be compromised very easily .


Don’t leave your van compromised act now before it is too late.


How does a rep-lock fitting help?


The Rep-lock/Hykee-lock comes in to play..

As it is an anti pick anti drill high security  direct replacement for the standard ford Tibbe lock barrels.

It requires no modifications and is a direct replacement for the ford Tibbe lock barrel that is very easily bypassed.

Instantly making your van not only more secure but also a lot less appealing to criminals looking for an easy target.

So if your wondering if you should get one of these locks as a minimum fitted to your van.?

We ask you if you drive a ford van?

Do you want your van to be more secure?

Less attractive to criminals?

If your answer was YES to one or more of the above questions…

Then the answer to whether you should get at least one of these locks fitted to your van is YES.

We highly recommend coupling the rep-lock with additional hook-locks to the load area and anti drill security plates for maximum security.

Remember all our workmanship is guaranteed and insured with a full 12 months parts and labour warranty.

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