DPF repair and maintenance

DPF repair and maintenance!!


Looking for DPF repair and maintenance?

Then look no further call the experts now on 07504697399 or contact us Contact us via the site to book your appointment now.

Our highly trained Technicians will come to you carry out an in depth diagnosis of your system.

Once they have located the issue we will then provide you with a no obligation quote for your repairs.

After the repairs have been successfully completed we will give you advise on how best to avoid further DPF issues.

After we have given you the advise providing you listen and follow the instructions given you should not need DPF repair anytime soon.

Why do I need DPF repair on my car?

This is a very common question and one open for very much debate.

Here is a list of a few reasons why your DPF filter is faulting.

  1. Driving style (possibly the biggest cause of DPF issues)
  2. A faulty EGR valve or other sensor on the cars emission system
  3. Faulty or failed fuel injector
  4. Faulty turbo charger
  5. Poor servicing or using the incorrect grade oil for your cars engine.
  6. Additive tank low or empty (if fitted)


What ever you choose to do you should not ignore a faulting DPF filter this can cause massive internal engine damage and lead to much bigger problems.

Never let anyone talk you into getting your DPF filter removed not only is this now illegal and an instant MOT failure.

It will cost you a lot more to replace the filter and put right the system than it will to get your car correctly diagnosed and repaired.

Very rarely do we ever have to replace a DPF filter normally it is a straight forward diagnosis and repair for a trained professional.


So don’t delay contact us now on 07504697399 to make your booking.


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