Diagnostic check

Diagnostic check!!

Is your car in need of a diagnostic check?

Does your car have a warning light on?

Is your car not running correctly?

Too much smoke out the exhaust?

Loosing coolant?

Hard to start?

Lack of performance?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you are in need of a diagnostic check!!

You maybe thinking that a diagnosis is simply plugging in a machine?
so how will this tell me why I’m loosing water?

The answer is simple any fault you have on your car requires a diagnosis of what the cause is.

Simply plugging in a machine will only give you a fault code if your warning lights are on.

It will never tell you exactly what parts are needed.

Anyone that claims that plugging a machine in is all you need obviously has no idea.

So what do I get for a diagnostic check?

Basically you get a diagnosis of what is wrong with your car and what is causing it.

No guess work no gambling with your money an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your fault.

If you are just wanting the fault code read and cleared then that is a code read.

Most of the time clearing the fault will only make the fault light re appear it is on for a reason.

It is the cars way of telling you that professional attention is needed.

Not your you tube mechanics from the pub or that mate who thinks he’s a mechanic because he’s changed a set of spark plugs.

A true professional who has spent years mastering their trade and spent thousands of pounds on training and equipment.

Somebody who actually knows what they are doing and will not gamble with your money.

If you want someone who ticks all these boxes call us now on 07504697399.

If your happy gambling with your money then let that you tube expert have a go but when they cant fix it you will wish you had took your car to a professional in the first place.