Cambelt replacement

Cambelt Replacement

Looking for a Cambelt replacement?

Do you want a professional job done at your own convenience?

Would you like a 2 year/60000 mile peace of mind warranty?

Then call us now on 07504697399.

we will come to you carry out the repairs at a place of your choosing provide you with a invoice and guarantee our work for 2 years.

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What is a Cambelt you ask?

A Cambelt otherwise known as a timing belt is exactly what it says it keeps the timing of the engine working perfectly.

It connects the upper camshaft/camshafts to the crankshaft.

The camshafts open and close your valves to let fuel and air in and exhaust fumes out.

whilst the crankshaft rotates and moves your pistons up and down to compress the air and fuel mixture that keeps your engine running.

Why is it important to replace my Cambelt?

The reason why it is very important to have your Cambelt replaced is that should it fail your cars engine will not run and it becomes very expensive to put right.

Every car manufacture has different recommended schedules for different models of when the Cambelt replacement is due.

If you are wondering when yours is due then you can check yourselves by looking in your cars owners handbook.

If it is not listed or your not quiet sure what you are looking for then why not contact us on 07504697399 and we will happily check for you and provide you with a no obligation quote for repair.


Will I need anything else whilst having my cambelt replacement carried out?

Yes you will not only require a full timing belt kit…

But also on most models the water pump will also be required to be changed.

The reason for this is that the water pump is quiet often ran by the timing belt

If not replaced should it fail afterwards then the whole job will be required again.

Sometimes when the water pump fails it may actually cause the timing belt to slip that results in severe engine damage.

The only other thing that you may wish to be replaced is the cars drive belt / drive belts.

This is due to the fact that they are removed to gain access to the timing belt.