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Hook-lock van security lock

Hook-lock van security lock.

Hook-lock van security lock is my personal favourite security lock.

It is very efficient in what it does.

The hook-lock is very secure lock highly effective and very very well made.

Van security installation hook-lock
Van security installation hook-lock type.
Example of hook-lock
Hook-lock van security example prior to fitting.

As you can probably tell from its name it is a lock that when it comes out hooks over its securing latch.

Meaning that not only can the door not be forced open it also can not be spread apart to gain entry.

Having said this these types of locks are most effective on the load area of the van.

The cab area is better protected by standard dead locks.

As always these locks are a better deterrent when paired with some of our other security items.

Why should you have a Hook-lock fitted?

These locks will help you feel more secure about your possessions in your van.

Your van will be less attractive to criminals having these locks fitted.

Belongings will be more secure.

You will sleep better knowing these are fitted to protect your livelihood.


The facts are without some sort of extra security on your van at some point it is very likely to become a target of crime.

Its a sorry reflection on society but there are those who walk among us who think it is acceptable to steal someone’s livelihood.

If you don’t protect your possessions as well as you can you will become a target for these people.

Contact us now so that you don’t become another statistic in the ever growing van crimes that are committed.

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