DPF Cleaning & Repairs

LBM Mobile Mechanics take great pride in fixing DPF faults on an almost daily basis we carry out extensive DPF assessment  prior to any work being undertaken to ensure that we give you our customers a first time fix every time.

Now we understand that the internet is full of information and advice some very good advice but also some very bad advice.

Unfortunately when it comes to DPF Faults and repairs we find a lot of the information our customers are relaying to us after reading on the internet is in fact bad advice and sometimes even dangerous for your vehicles health.

Which in turn could end up costing you an absolute fortune in un necessary repairs and many failed attempts at the repairs being successful when it comes to diagnosing and repairing DPF faults it is imperative that you choose the right professional to carry out this work.

Here at LBM Mobile Mechanics we only ever offer DPF Cleaning or repairs to our customers after a DPF assessment something we are going to cover in brief further down this page.

To Book  a DPF assessment please visit our bookings page or click on the direct link below for more information regarding your DPF system please read below.


As always any questions please feel free to reach out to us via email, phone, text or chat directly from this site

and we will get back to you with your answer at the soonest possible time.




What's a DPF Assessment?

If your wondering what a DPF assessment is and what is involved we are going to provide you with a very basic overview here so that you have more of an idea what's involved and what the difference is between a diagnostic scan.

Firstly you may of visited a garage for a fault on your car or van and been greeted by the technician with  a code reader in hand who plugs in the machine and says yes you have a fault with x and x will cost you x amount to fix.

So you go ahead and book in for the work as that's what the magic machine said only to find out that you have wasted your money as the fault is still there.

Well that's because a code read doesn't cut it you are playing with fire and will no doubt be spending money unnecessarily on parts that are not needed or that won't fix your fault.

 So what's a DPF assessment?

A DPF assessment consist of many different factors being taken into consideration yes it involves a diagnostic machine to retrieve fault codes but that is just a start we will also interrogate the live data that shows us what the car is seeing from the various different sensors easy right?

Well that would be easy but we don't stop there we then proceed to physically test the health of your diesel  particulate filter (DPF) we do this by taking physical measurements of the pressure inside enabling us to compare this to what the car is seeing as once the filter reaches a certain pressure it indicates to the ECU that the filter requires emptying (regenerating) if these match up then we can tick off the first stage of the assessment if not we would proceed to check the DPF pressure sensor or sensors for correct operation.

We then move onto check:

  • The EGTS (Exhaust gas Temperature Sensors)

  • Inlet System

  • Exhaust system

  • EGR Valve

  • Coolant temperature sensor

  • Thermostat

  • Glow plugs

  • Turbo

Plus many more systems and sensors on your vehicle all in the same way as mentioned above ensuring that all conditions required are met only then once we are satisfied that all of the relevant sensors and systems meet the criteria  will we attempt a DPF Clean or Forced regeneration on your car otherwise we would simply be wasting your money as the DPF is a self cleaning system meaning providing all outside factors are working correctly and relevant conditions are met your DPF filter will self clean itself and your vehicle will not require a DPF clean.

Our Process for DPF cleaning

  1. You book your vehicle in for an assessment

  2. We Carry out a full DPF assessment and provide you with the results and plan of action.

  3. We repair the faults (If any)

  4. We carry out the appropriate cleaning method (if required)

  5. We conduct our final checks and road test.

  6. We provide you with advice on how best to maintain your DPF in the future.

  7.  Both you and us leave happy knowing the fault is fixed and you haven't wasted any money on unescarry work


Q - Why can't i just book for a DPF  clean? As i've been told that's all that is needed?

A - Because we as a company have a moral and professional courtesy to ensure when you spend money with us it is needed and not going to be a waste of your money and our time keeping you happy and our reputation in tact.

Q - I've already had this fault looked at by other garages and fixed but the fault returns why is this nand can you help?

A - As to why previous garages have been unable to fix this fault i can not answer i can only assume they may of overlooked something or a new fault has occurred since.

But yes we can definitely fix your fault and provide you with all the advice you require moving forward.

Q - How much is this going to cost me?

A - Unfortunately until we carry out a DPF assessment we are unable to tell you this but for now we can say that it will cost you no more than our DPF assessment fee and after this is done we can provide you with a action plan and accurate cost of repair


Q - What if after the DPF assessment i can't afford the repairs?

A - If you can't afford the repairs or don't want to proceed there is no pressure from us we can just settle up what we have agreed on and be on our way.

Although if you do want the repairs doing but finances are limited we can offer a 0% APR payment plan if required this is offered through a seperate company called payment assist

Q - I've done my diagnostics can you just fix what it says?

A - No we will only ever carry out repairs that we have diagnosed ourselves

Q - I want a DPF Delete on my car can you do it?

A - Yes we offer DPF Deletes as well as repairs but please make yourself familiar with the road traffic laws surrounding this service before going ahead