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Additional van security.

Additional van security.


We have an ever expanding Additional van security options for you to consider.

Contact us directly to discuss your options.


As fast as criminals are thinking up new ways to steal your belongings…

We are introducing new devices to stop them in their tracks…


We have spent endless amount of time sourcing the very best security for your van.

Nothing has been over looked and we endeavour to help stop van crime in its stride.

This ever increasing problem is not only effecting the hard working individuals and businesses but also our economy in general.

Those people like you and me have worked hard for what we have..

We have invested a lot of time and money to achieve our goals.

The last thing we want is for some low life to take our belongings and leave us unable to work.

Facing increased insurance premiums for years to come…


So let us explain how we can help you secure your vehicle even more.

With some additional security devices to help deter those criminals.


Thrust pins additional security device.


The thrust pin is as is described in its name a pin that thrust into the vehicles body.


This prevents the peel and steel attack method used on vehicle side loading doors.


The steel and peel approach is devastating when used on your vehicle as the criminals.


Literally peel the door down to gain access this results in expensive damage to your vans door and easy access for the scum to take your belongings.


The Thrust pin is fitted to the upper inside edge of your sliding door it enables full usage of your door as normal.


It is made of steel and is designed to slide into a recess in your vehicles B pillar preventing anyone except the incredible hulk being able to peel your door skin down.


It is best coupled with our other  additional security upgrades for maximum effect.


There really is no reason not to book us for your security upgrade today. us now to book our service and upgrade your van security today.

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Remember we can help spread the cost over 4 months interest fee to enable you to protect your van  Today.



moving onto our other vehicle security upgrades we offer  next on our list is.


ECU protection additional security device

The ECU protection device is a protection shield to stop thieves…


simply unplugging your ECU connections and plugging in a ECU that they have with matching keys.


Enabling them to simply unplug your ECU plug their own in unlock your vehicle and drive away without you ever knowing until you next go to the van.


This method of attack also enables them too deactivate any additional security alarm systems you may have fitted.


Not only can they take the whole vehicle if they wish they can also unload your van easily and without any interference with standard security systems making insurance claims impossibly difficult.


These ECU gaurds are not available for all vehicles as thankfully not all ECUs are so vulnerable.


The gaurds are made from high density steel and require no driver interaction before using the vehicle once fitted they are fitted for good and very secure.


To check if yours is please feel free to contact us .





The OBD port is generally used for diagnosing problems with your van.

Sometimes this can be engine related or transmission related etc and occasionally van Immobiliser or alarm related problems.


Whilst this is all totally normal and understandable you must be aware..

That if this can be accessed by your local mechanic or dealer…

Then you can bet that thieves also can gain access to this technology.


And you guessed it they have they use a modified system to over ride the manufactures immobilisation system.

This is done by connecting a computer via the OBD port and programming a new key to the vehicles ECU.


So you maybe wondering how this is done well first of all they normally pick your drivers door lock using a tibbie key.

The tibbie key was designed for locksmiths to gain access to vehicles but you guessed it the black market got hold of these and are now easily available online.


So once the criminal has your key code they can they go and get a key cut using this code and a blank chip for the immobiliser.


Return to your van unlock the van with the new key plug in their computer and register a new key  enabling them full access and use of your van.


Well having an OBD protection kit fitted to your vehicle prevents this from being so easy.

WE will come out and fit a high security OBD protection case around your OBD socket that can only be accessed using the high security key provided with the kit.

Once again preventing those criminals an easy route to your vehicle and its contents..

Contact us for more information on how we can protect your livelihood.




This kit is available for all the ford transit, customs and connect range.


It is highly known that the early models was easily attacked by cutting the wiring looms at the rear doors.


This caused a short in the electrical system and resulted in all the doors opening.

Now even though ford have recalled the effected vehicles and rectified this fault.

No one is entirely sure when this defect was rectified and if all the vans effected have been fixed.

This results in criminals basically trying their luck even on new vans this leaving the electrics shorted and access to the vehicle almost impossible. 

This is why we recommend the loom gaurds to be fitted to all ford vans regardless of age as this prevents criminals access to the loom and causing you not only a huge headache but also huge repair bill.

The loom gaurds are relatively inexpensive to be supplied and fitted.

They are defiantly cheaper than repairing/replacing the damaged wiring loom once access is gained that is which again cost even more money.


Although these loom gaurds are not going to stop thieves gaining entry to your van it will prevent this one type of attack being carried out.

This coupled with some of our other additional van security  deterrents will make your van not only more secure it will be much less appealing to criminals looking for an easy target.


Contact us now to book our service and upgrade your van security today.

07504697399 or via email @ lbmmobile85@gmail.com.


Remember we can help spread the cost over 4 months interest fee to enable you to protect your van  Today.